BYBL “Official” Rules

  • Each BYBL game will only proceed when the teams playing each supply an official to be responsible for score and shot clock keeping.
  • Each team is required to provide a competent official for each game, where one will be responsible for the electronic score keeping, the other will be required to do the shot clock and record scores manually on score sheet.
  • The official responsible for the electronic scoring shall not be performing the manual score keeping simultaneously.
  • Game will only commence when each team provides an official, two officials from the same team operating the scores bench will not be allowed.
  • If a team cannot provide a competent official for the game, game clock will commence. Each minute will incur a 2 points penalty.  Game will be forfeited by team that does not have an official by the end of first quarter.
  • Teams can elect to play with 4 players with the 5th player operating the scores bench if no official is present. BYBL will allow players/ official to interchange as long as the person in charge of scores bench is competent.
  • Players should not approach the bench officials if scores are being recorded incorrectly. Notify the referees who shall pause the game and clarify with the officials.
  • Players are not allowed to abuse at the officials. The referees shall call a technical foul to players using foul language towards officials.


BYBL “Official” Training Scheme

  • BYBL will be offering training for all the team’s designated official to familiarise with the electronic scoring system, 24 shot clock, and manual score sheet keeping. Registration needed prior to the start of the friendly week.
  • BYBL provides the option to organise a competent official for any team for the duration of the season for $15 per game paid in full at the start of each season together with the game fees and player registration fee.
  • Teams failed to register for an official at the start of the season, who then requires an official on the day, BYBL will be able to supply them with an official for $20 paid up front before the commence of the game.


“Official” Responsibility

  • Team officials and paid officials will be required to fully concentrate on the game they are assigned to.
  • It’s the two bench official’s responsibility to accurately record the scores of the game. If any discrepancy between the electronic scores and the manual scoring sheet, the referees will need to be informed and judge the situation.
  • Official will have the responsibility to record the final scores onto the scoring sheet.
  • Player attendance will be recorded at the first half of each game to justify the 50% rule for the playoffs. (Special consideration will be taken, please notify BYBL Admin)

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